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Hi! My name is Hector,
I’m a photographer.

My name is Hector Cuevas, born and raised in Chicago. I have a total of six siblings, three brothers and two sisters. One of the greatest gifts I received in this world is my son and he was born on May 23, 2019. Growing up I was that kid who was always taking pictures and that led to where I am today. I’ve always taken a passion in photography, decided to take the plunge and make a real business out of it. I have been in business alone for quite some time and decided to partner with my best friend of 26 years. The company was growing, I needed help, and who better than my best friend Derrick.

I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t get the support from my friends and family who believed in me. I personally thank every customer for allowing me to capture their special moment. I am living my dream to help the hard-working people of Chicago. If given the chance, I will show you firsthand what above and beyond means. I look forward to meeting everyone who seeks our services

About Derrick

Hi! My name is Derrick,
I’m The Managing Partner.

My name is Derrick Diaz and I was born and raised in Chicago. I met Hector in the fourth grade, and we have been best friends since then. I am family oriented, but not have been blessed with my own children, yet! In the meantime, I love great food, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my nieces, car events, and dogs. My life is simple, but that’s the recipe to my happiness.

I am guy who really believes in entrepreneurship and decided to take the plunge with Hector. No one else better than to partner with my best friend to revamp his company. I wanted to keep true to his mission statement but add a sweet touch of my years of customer service, marketing and sales experience. Not only that but I bring fun, excitement, a unique experience to the table. I hope one day that you give us the chance to witness this firsthand.

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